about mia johnson

Feb 12

Mia Johnson was born in Vancouver, British Columbia and has an extensive background of writing and editing for newspapers, magazines and websites.

She is the author of five non-fiction books and has 17 articles published in peer-reviewed journals on the topic of computers and art. She has written more than 200 newspaper reviews and 2500 magazine reviews of art exhibitions.

This website provides samples of her writing for artists and galleries. Mia has also written extensively on subjects ranging from psychology to computer technologies. She has an M.A in art education and a Ph.D. in computer technologies, with a J.Paul Getty Fellowship for her research on computer art. She was a Professor of Information Technology at Kwantlen University (2000-2008) and an instructor in the BCIT New Media Program (1998-2003). As the owner of Kits Media, a website design company, she writes and edits all client copy.

Please contact her by email or phone for information about prices, copy-editing jobs, book-length projects and other writing requests. Mia welcomes all jobs, large or small. She is also available as a project consultant and a speaker.

You are invited to follow Kits Media’s new blog where Mia is posting short pieces on computers, art and social media.

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